RE: DNS: defining "AURSC" domains

RE: DNS: defining "AURSC" domains

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 09:04:31 +1000
>&#167;I can just see Chris, Clive, Lincoln, Robert Elz .... all cringing at the
>&#167;thought something ELSE exists they didn't know of!
>Are these some of the top 8 people in the .AU domain ?

Lincoln?  BWHWHWHW!  If he understood DNS maybe he might make a good runner.

I'd have no problem with Clive, Chris and Robert though.  As much as I'm
loosing confidence in their abilities, I still have some faith they can
come good.

>We really need to locate at least 8 people in that region with
>an interest (personal, finanical or otherwise) in the .AU domain.

Well Clive and Chris have financial interest.  No Domain Names, no salary.
Robert I'm not sure about.  

Me?  Well I have a community interest.  I've seen too many people get
ripped of.
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