Re:DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

Re:DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

From: <me§>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 02:03:56 +1000
At 11:47 AM 1998/06/17, Stephen Baxter wrote:
>[I am not sure of the relevance of this list any longer due to most people
>publically stating that it could be abandoned due to it being to turned
>into the 'Adam and Jim Show' but here goes anyhow]

Perhaps it's time to regain control.

If the list is about *.au then we can forget about * other than a
possibly interesting and potentially annoying thing which should be taken
up with the owner of the *.com space pointing out the potential legal

If the list is about *.au then we should have a strong interest in who
represents the interests of our space in the meeting forshadowed in the
white paper.]


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