Re: DNS: Two Years Behind the Times

Re: DNS: Two Years Behind the Times

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 01:40:23 +1000
>&#167;your response was: (and i quote)
>&#167;  "Larry that is EXTREMELY MISLEADING.  .AUS exists to some 20,000,000
>&#167;  estimated users world wide, in just about every country.".

>These discussions remind me of similar discussions held mostly
>in the United States about two years ago. Where do they lead ?

Oh Jim, I've been trying to tell the twits here the same thing.  

As to where they lead. Well it's simple.  Only this week do we see a
posting from Tony Barry jumping out of his skin in response to your posting
asking me f the TLDs submitted by me were all reginalised for Australia.

Where has he been?  I have no idea.  I truely feel I'm beating my head,
shoulders and arms against a very large brick wall with some of these
people.  Having spent the last two years trying to get them to stand up and
take notice rather than watch their plots and political plans to take over
the world, they still haven't learnt that the world will progress around
them and, shock horror, the world is not limited to their Garage operations.

>One side is working to advance the Internet and the other side
>works to discredit any progress that they make.

Yes, so it appears. I think I'll repost a few messages from yester year.
Liek Leigh claiming he can't see AUS, yet when instructed to "change"
channels, he can't seem to get off the sports channel.

I spose some people only believe there is one sport in the world too.
Shame, such small minds.  But they aren't significant. 

>Jealousy appears to be the main motivating factor in these discussions.

Yes, this is typical in Australia.  If you didn't think of it bag the
proverbial out of the person trying to intriduce it.  Does it not surprise
you the AU dollars is a shocking and embarrasing status to Australia.

Then again, it really is no surprise.

>Maybe in a couple of years, you folks will be able to see this...

Jim, your being truely hopeful.  You must also remember most didn't know
modems existed until the 28k8 (or as The Comic Man from the Simpson says 28
dot 8 kilobaud modem) was in the market.

>good luck to you...

I sure don't need any.  AURSC is growing well.  Probably about time for
some noise stiring in the mail lists again :)  IRSC is also starting to
take shape after a slow start.  But that was expected.

But certainly the AU ISP's need some ear cleaning and eye opening exersices
to really see what is going on.

They are such a limiting bunch of twonks (FIDONET word for those who don't
know what it means.  Then again they probably don't even know what Fidonet
is??) who can't see past their territorial property boundries.


OK, now back to some serious stuff!  And perhaps I'll feel a little better.

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