DNS: AURSC - Announces Deployment of IPv8

DNS: AURSC - Announces Deployment of IPv8

From: Adam Todd <at§ah.net>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 22:48:41 +1000
ANNOUNCEMENT:  Sydney - 19 June 1998

Today AURSC released it's plans to develop and deploy IPv8, created by Jim
Fleming of the United States, throughout Australia and the AsiaPac Region.

Mr.Adam Todd (http://adamtodd.ah.net) indicated that after careful
deliberation and consultation with other AURSC (http://www.aursc.ah.net)
members and members from the newly formed IRSC (http://www.irsc.ah.net)
that "IPv8 was a go".

"After loading the initial tables on the AURSC servers, we conducted a
number of resolver trials through supporting ISPs and users.  All seemed OK
and resolution was very fast," Mr. Todd.

"It's been a long haule for Mr. Fleming with much opposition.  My team at
AHNET (http://www.ah.net) decided that it was time to move again from the
traditional ways of the internet into the 21st Century - albeit a little
early," laughed Mr. Todd.

The trials took place during May and June.  Official deployment in the
region is expected to begin on July 1, a significant day in Australia,
being the 1st anniversary of the Telecommunication Deregulation.

"Deregulation hasn't really done much for Australia," stated Mr. Todd, "if
anything, it's caused more anguish to people and companies who thought they
might actually be able to do something."

"At Todd Corporation, mostly through AHNET, we've decided if you can't beat
the monopoly work with it.  This has allowed us a very quick deployment of
the AURSC Enhanced TLD project with incredible support from around the
world," explained Mr. Todd.

It's expected the uptake of IPv8 in the AsiaPac region will be faster than
the rate of uptake of Internet Services historically.  IPv8 offers a lot of
flexibility and opportunity for everyone, irrespective of interest.

"We've been hinting to Jim, that AURSC will be more than happy to provide
full Root Server resolution for all IPv8 regions until such time as the
uptake and suitable administrators apply or are appointed.  AHNET has even
offered to host the 7 by 255 TLD subdomains on AHNET DNS servers to assist
in a speedy deployment"

"AURSC has also offered to accept applications for standard IPv4 TLD names,
considering the release of the US Governments White Paper and the complete
standstill it creates, AURSC will continue to develop and build non
conflict relationships with other RSC's throughout the world."

Mr. Adam Todd can be reached by email:  mailto:at&#167;ah.net

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