Re: DNS: AURSC - Announces Deployment of IPv8

Re: DNS: AURSC - Announces Deployment of IPv8

From: Rick Welykochy <rick§>
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 18:04:55 +1000
Allen Bolderoff wrote:

> This whole thing sound like a big wank. (sorry for the language) But anyway,
> after reading sooooo many of your posts (like 25% of my email comes through
> this list with you contributing 90% of the noise), it seems that all you are
> doing is talking loud and saying nothing.

I did read the IPv8 web pages a while back. Now I cannot find them.
I guess keeping the rest of us in the dark is the best idea ;)

IPv8 proposes to use some extension bits in the IP header
to extend IPv4 addressing so "the rest of the galaxy" can
use extended addressing. I wonder how many routers out
there recognise IPv8 (or even IPv6).

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