Re: DNS: Can we do something about noise on this list

Re: DNS: Can we do something about noise on this list

From: Larry Bloch <larry§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 14:40:03 +1000
Results so far:


Your votes:

Larry Bloch: NetRegistry: YES
Steve Baxter : YES
Chris Chaundy: YES
James Ray: YES
David Keegel: YES 
Kevin Dinn: Yes
Adam Todd: AHNET:  YES
Richard Archer: YES
James Austin: YES

From this initial straw poll it seems clear that the consensus is that the
time of this list has been wasted by too much noise. Knowing you have a
problem is a great step forward.

Additional comments - please feel free to VOTE for each suggestion or add

Stephen Baxter: 
  Start a new list "from scratch" with rules from the ground.
  This list adopts guidelines that are enforced.
  Larry Bloch: YES

Kevin Dinn: 
  Support for pushing IIA to implement a consensual set of guidelines.
  Larry Bloch: YES

Michael Malone: 
  5 messages per day per person limit. Offer of list management by WAIA.

David Keegel: 
  A DO NOT REPLY TO CRAP discipline.

Richard Archer: 
  Points out that this list has an adequate charter that is not being
implemented. Favours only allowing postings from List Members and removal
of repeat transgressors of List Guidelines. No comments on how that
judgement is to be made.

Simon Hackett:
  Who moderates, how are their decisions reached and implemented?

(PS: I've dome my best to summarise, please accept this summary as exactly


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