Re: DNS: Can we do something about noise on this list

Re: DNS: Can we do something about noise on this list

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 13:31:18 +1000
>- One idea that *may* help us to resolve this issue:
>Why don't we create a second list dedicated to the discussion/advocacy of 

Allen a list alreadyexists for AURSC.  The issue is not a discusison about
AURSC, it's about AURSC (which doesn't even host Domain Names) being
competitive or different to what some people are investing their time ito
to take control of.

No one likes a rebel they can't control. Although they are welcome to join
it.  You know often the best way to defeat an opponent is to take the
opponents side :)


AURSC only provided resolution for IPv8 TLDs.  The discussion would eb
required to be held in a seperate list.  It's not revelant to AURSC.

>can get back to the discussion it was originally intended for, which
>me if I'm wrong) is the discussion of instituting change/improvement to the 
>.au namespace,

If it is, then why are the comments of people who have concerns and
experience not being listened to?  Because they are adverse?

>_*NOT*_ (I cannot stress this enough) advocacy of the current 
>situation against a completely different namespace (ie etc etc 
>etc) - lets take the advocacy issue elsewhere.

Happy to.  Always have been.  But it's still a factor that is involved in
Australian DNS.   AURSC supports and provides resolution for .AU, therefore
it has an interest.

AHNET provides hosting for many .AU clients, therfore it has an interest.

You can not stop either organisation making comments, or you are in fact
discounting the input of the commercial and user interests.
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