Re: DNS: Let Kim Speak...

Re: DNS: Let Kim Speak...

From: Ramin Marzbani <ramin§>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 18:58:55 +1000
Jim Fleming wrote:
> This is not about winning...we are all already winners...we are
> on planet Earth and we are blessed with technology that allows
> us to communicate around the world and around the
> you have any idea what it was like 20 years ago when some of
> us were trying to do this without PCs and freely available UNIX
> systems...just getting a C compiler ported to a new processor
> was a big effort...

Couldnt agree more (not just because of the compilers).
> Back to the topics that you are interested in...

> Can web-o-matic techniques be used on it to deduce
> who is strongly connected to who...?

I know this is a Q to Kim, but...
A guy called Hankin Chick developed this massive traceroute 
analyser that maps the connectivity of ISPs to each other.
The problem was that it was hard to show in 2-D (although
he managed) and even harder to see in 3-D.  I think most ISPs
remember his pages (he used to get into trouble for reporting
average Ping times from the US).
Has anyone got any ideas on how to show 634-odd ISPs interconnecting,
especially with the multi-homing stuff, the tunnelling stuff (Paradox?),
and other complications such as traceroutes on Asymmetrical 
satellite links?
I think Hankin could be persuaded to put his pages back up if
the distribution was limited to ISPs or a small group.
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