Re: DNS: Let Kim Speak...

Re: DNS: Let Kim Speak...

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 00:59:12 +1000
>A guy called Hankin Chick developed this massive traceroute 

Who, blast from the past.

>Has anyone got any ideas on how to show 634-odd ISPs interconnecting,
>especially with the multi-homing stuff, the tunnelling stuff (Paradox?),
>and other complications such as traceroutes on Asymmetrical 
>satellite links?

Yep, easy.  Well, actually it's not easy, but can be done.

HINT: Read up on IP, partiularly ICMP and TCP.

It can be done.  We monitor hundreds of clients around Australia and around
the world, and map them fairly well. Accuracy is - well - reasonable.  

>I think Hankin could be persuaded to put his pages back up if
>the distribution was limited to ISPs or a small group.

I doubt it, he was threatened with too much legal rubbish.  I think he got
tired of doing it.

I have a guy from the USA I thin kit was, who is setting up
a similar project currently.  He is using AHNET resources as a collection
point.  I'll be loking for ISP's who might like to help.
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