RE: DNS: More .AU Questions...

RE: DNS: More .AU Questions...

From: Larry Bloch <larry§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 16:46:02 +1000
>The .au dns IMHO ain't broke - I get requests processed in good time now
>so why should I want to change it. I like the fact that has rules
>and therefore I can be patient to wait for the approvals to happen.
>Even is sort of swift nowadays - WHAT IS THE REASON YOU WANT
>Do you want change under .au or just ?
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You ask important questions. Let me ask a few questions of my own (please
don't answer, I am trying to point out that there are issues to be resolved).

How did the current rules arise?
What - exactly - are they?
How are they applied?
What is the procedure for evaluating their usefulness?
...or their 'success' (however that is defined)?
If their is dissatisfaction with the current rules, how is this formally
What is the procedure for submitting proposals for alteration.
Why is one company profiting from registrations?
Is $125 a fair price for registrations?

I'm sure everyone on this list can find a number of questions like this
that have no immediate answer.

I agree that registrations in .AU have improved of late. This is undeniably
a good thing. Does that mean that everything is OK and we can stop
investigating the issue?

.AU is a National Resource. It belongs to the people of Australia. 

As such, its management ought to be accountable to the people to whom it
belongs, and currently this is not the case. Perhaps it never will be, but
I believe that those people have a right to demand that we should at least

This is why government is interested in this issue - becuase they are
(supposed to be) the ultimate guardian of National interests. What we need
to do is demonstrate that management of .AU can be handled credibly by this
industry on behalf of the Australian people.

Member of this list may know how to register a  through MIT/INA.
This doesn't mean that the entire management of .AU is as good as it could be.


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