RE: DNS: More .AU Questions...

RE: DNS: More .AU Questions...

From: Jim Fleming <JimFleming§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 01:28:21 -0500
On Monday, June 22, 1998 10:02 AM, Stephen Baxter[SMTP:steve&#167;] wrote:
&#167;Do you want change under .au or just ?

Who said anything about change ? All I am suggesting is
a body of people to be stewards over the .AU TLD. These
people are referred to in some areas of the world as trustees.

Many public libraries have trustees. They get voted in and
out. The library staff does not change and the books and
building do not move each time the trustees change.

The trustees speak for the community that elects them and
they appoint the people to manage the resources. From what
you are saying, it is likely that the trustees would immediately
decide that Robert Elz is the logical choice as sys admin.

Now, to address your question, you might be implying that
the .AU TLD is not really the issue because all of the registration
volume is under COM.AU. I call these "psuedo TLDs" because
it might as well be .COMAU if others are not allowed to register
directly under .AU.

One of the things the trustees would decide would be whether
to allow volume registrations directly under .AU. Once they make
that decision then they would instruct the sys admin (Robert Elz ?)
to carry out their wishes.

If the trustees truely represent the community and Australia is
like most capitalistic places in the world, then I would imagine that
companies would prefer to register directly under .AU as opposed
to .COM.AU. The <VERB>.<ADJECTIVE>.<NOUN> style will likely
become the common form of domain names just to keep things
simple for humans that have to deal with them.

Jim Fleming
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