ADNA a joke. Re: DNS: .AU Board of Trustees Election - NOT

ADNA a joke. Re: DNS: .AU Board of Trustees Election - NOT

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 22:13:22 +1000
>  | To Robert Elz: Are you interested in the industry as a whole putting its
>  | efforts together towards reforming the .AU namespace? Will you
>  | And if not, what would change your mind?
>As Kate Lance said, this process is already beginning (since ADNA seems to
>have failed - once it was a hope that ADNA might achieve something).

ADNA seems to have failed. 

Yes, shall I - yet again - explain why.

ADNA is a private company with a membership process limited to those who
partake with the common flavour of the other members for that month.

ADNA is not open to the public and does not receive and review public
comment, nor is it open to public debate.

Kate has already accused me of "single handedly destroying" the ADNA
process. Forgive me but if a corporate entity with board members who each
have very significant interests can't handle one small voice like mine, it
had no integrity to start with.

I'm glad Robert, you have, in fact, made the statement that you feel ADNA
has failed.  

I guess the downhill run commenced with Stephen Baxter resigned from the
board after being hounded for 48 hours on the list about putting forward an
agreement that whilst he is a representative on ADNA his company would not
partake in any Domain Name related commercial venture.

He Resigned because he made clear in three posts that he would not
jeopardise the interests of his company.  As a company director should
ensure.  Resigning from the "no pay" ADNA board was his personal interest

I actually have respect for Stephen for being bold enough to resign in such
a public manner.

>I don't know when more information about it will become available (nor

Probably not in a hurry.

>nothing at all about how to attempt to discover or build consensus, so

Build consensus implies you - at least - will listen to the comments of all
interested parties.  I respect that.  I hope I'm not let down.

>participating in that is likely to be a waste of time - when it comes to

Possibly.  Althugh if ADNA opens itself to the PUBLIC, in a public manner,
then I can assure you progress will be considerably faster and far more

Golly, even *I* will back ADNA from the point of view of Public Interest.
With the number of complaints I've been getting about ADNA and it's lack of
public concern, I'd like to be able to tell people to relax and all will be

>actually discussing DNS policies, there I might have some opinions to offer).

Robert, I think it's fair to say we all appreciate your comments. SOmetimes
we have to play political games to get an answer - but polcieis and
politics go hand in hand.  Especially when the Public interest is concerned.

I should mention there will shortly be a new member applying to the ADNA
board.  The person will be a representatie of the Australian Internet and
Telecommuncation Users Association.

I can only assume there will be no cause for rejection, considering the
membership is VERY STRONG.  Whilst you guys have been bantering around
trying to discredit me, I've been building up public interest.  And HAVE I
been receiving email on it the last month.

Ahh but let me guess - you'll want to see this data too.  Well rest be
assured, once the web site is created and found itself a home, the
membership details will be presented for you.  Currrently only members are
permitted to see the records.  (Come on Lincoln and Rick - lets get off
track again.  Have a go at me again ... <sigh>)

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