Re: DNS: .AU Board of Trustees Election - NOT

Re: DNS: .AU Board of Trustees Election - NOT

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Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 21:09:48 +1000
At 4:56 PM 1998/06/22, Larry Bloch wrote:
>To Robert Elz: Are you interested in the industry as a whole putting its
>efforts together towards reforming the .AU namespace? Will you participate?
>And if not, what would change your mind?

I am alarmed by the thought of only industry (if that means commercial
interests) running the .au namespace. I am perfectly happy however for them
to run the namespace. As somebody who sat in organisations in; is associated with bodies which sit in; and as I now sit
in I'd rather we looked after our own areas.

Policies for .au, are matters in which  the whole internet community should
be involved.  I would imagine that many members of this list for instance,
would not describe themselves as "industry".


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