Re: DNS: .AU Board of Trustees Election - NOT

Re: DNS: .AU Board of Trustees Election - NOT

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 13:55:30 +1000
>>To Robert Elz: Are you interested in the industry as a whole putting its
>>efforts together towards reforming the .AU namespace? Will you participate?
>>And if not, what would change your mind?
>I am alarmed by the thought of only industry (if that means commercial
>interests) running the .au namespace. I am perfectly happy however for them
>to run the namespace. As somebody who sat in organisations in
>; is associated with bodies which sit in; and as I now sit
>in I'd rather we looked after our own areas.
>Policies for .au, are matters in which  the whole internet community should
>be involved.  I would imagine that many members of this list for instance,
>would not describe themselves as "industry".

Tony Barry, well worth quoting again, and I completely agree.

Perhaps I've failed to say it in these clear words.  Certainly this is the

ADNA is NOT representative of the Internet Community.  Let it do as it
pleases with COM.AU, but it should NOT have any involvement with .AU

Well said.

Now you really rocket to the top of the brownie points list!
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