Re: DNS: Lets take a closer look at .AU and what's in it ...

Re: DNS: Lets take a closer look at .AU and what's in it ...

From: Jeff Williams <jwkckid1§>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 09:50:14 +0100

Adam Todd wrote:

> >> Most ISPs haven't a clue what is under .AU anyway. I'll best most just got
> >> a shock.  Lets see ...  try these:
> >
> >  Ok I will.  What is the two Au whois servers address again?
> You wont' find any of the URLS I provided in the WHOIS data.  But you can
> access both WHOIS servers from

  This isn't what I was looking for.  You posted the addr befor but I did not
keep that particular E-Mail.  Do you remember what it was?

> >  Oh, and by the way Adam, sorry to mention this on the list but your
> >E-Mail address keeps bouncing here due to timeouts.  Can you correct that
> >problem from there?  Or do you have an alternitive E-mail address?
> Hmm, the ISP we've been using has been trying to drop our primry subnets
> for a while now.  Must be something screwy with Telstra.  Seems much of
> todays email has been resorting to our secondary MX server.

  I see.  Well I am sending this to you and cc'ing the list to insure that you
get it.
Lets see if I get a bounce.

> I'm surprised, because all mail is flowing without error from most places.
> But it was reported at 18:00.  I'm still watching the traffic.
> Sheesh - and I have a totally unused ISDN connection sitting there waiting
> for the mail server routes to kick over.  So much for changes at 17:00
> I've just made some immediate changed to the AHNET DNS entries.  Existing
> data should time out after 600 seconds. Maybe we'll have some sanity.
> Can you send me a copy of the headers when you get a chance.

  As I said I don't usually keep bounced E-Mail returns.  If this one bounces
I will send it to you.  But it will have to be through the list.

> Thanks.


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