Re: DNS: Lets take a closer look at .AU and what's in it ...

Re: DNS: Lets take a closer look at .AU and what's in it ...

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 22:58:42 +1000
>> Most ISPs haven't a clue what is under .AU anyway. I'll best most just got
>> a shock.  Lets see ...  try these:
>  Ok I will.  What is the two Au whois servers address again?

You wont' find any of the URLS I provided in the WHOIS data.  But you can
access both WHOIS servers from

>  Oh, and by the way Adam, sorry to mention this on the list but your
>E-Mail address keeps bouncing here due to timeouts.  Can you correct that
>problem from there?  Or do you have an alternitive E-mail address?

Hmm, the ISP we've been using has been trying to drop our primry subnets
for a while now.  Must be something screwy with Telstra.  Seems much of
todays email has been resorting to our secondary MX server.

I'm surprised, because all mail is flowing without error from most places.

But it was reported at 18:00.  I'm still watching the traffic.

Sheesh - and I have a totally unused ISDN connection sitting there waiting
for the mail server routes to kick over.  So much for changes at 17:00

I've just made some immediate changed to the AHNET DNS entries.  Existing
data should time out after 600 seconds. Maybe we'll have some sanity.

Can you send me a copy of the headers when you get a chance.

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