Re: DNS: Let me get this straight...AU is ONE person ?

Re: DNS: Let me get this straight...AU is ONE person ?

From: Larry Bloch <larry§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 17:33:56 +1000
At 16:39 22/06/98 +1000, you wrote:
>At 15:55 +1000 22/6/98, Jim Fleming wrote:
>>Please explain how this makes any sense and
>>why it would not be better to have MORE people
>>from the Internet community in Australia involved
>>in the management of the .AU TLD.
>Because Robert is doing a good job.
>We have a stable and reliable DNS, and any change from the
>current system is likely to be for the worse.
>I don't see the point in changing the current system unless there is
>general concensus that the repacement system is an improvement.
>We were working on the formation of a body to take over management
>of .AU - in fact this list was created to further that very process.
>A brief perusal of the list archives demonstrates that it's a lot harder
>to establish a stable and equitable domain management authority than
>picking eight people and saying "you're it!".
>Yours sincerely,
>Richard Archer.

I agree broadly with Richard. however, the issue is not whether Robert is
doing a good job or not, but rather what is the best way for this to be
done and what the best means of managing .AU is.

Some of the questions that Jim has raised are valid - what if kre gets run
over by a bus, or emigrates, or decides to cash in or...

Perhaps Robert would like to answer this question:

Is single individual a preferrable delegatee(?) for a country TLD as
opposed to a representative body or a position (eg Technical Director)
within such a body?

There are precendents to individuals handing over control of a national TLD
to a representative body. Dr Willie Black did so in favour of NOMINET which
is now universally recognised as a credible and well run, representative
body and has received a lot of attention from Ira, DCA and others for
possible models for TLD's



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