DNS: Re: [apnic-talk] Intresting Info for refrence possibly?

DNS: Re: [apnic-talk] Intresting Info for refrence possibly?

From: Paul McNulty <mcnulty§aunet.net>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 14:49:51 +0800

Does this really have any relevance to the AP region?  
I know that you believe that as a Top Level Domain of something
other than .au, you believe that Telstra is in the wrong.  I
believe the entire population reading this list understands 
what you are trying to say, but I, as a member of this region,
can say that I don't appreciate this boring rhetoric that has
gone on for the past few days. 

If your going to make a point, consider it made and end it.
If you have a beef with Geoff Houston, please take it up 
with him and off-line.  I can say that he has done a lot
of good for the community out here and we don't perceive
it as "bait and switch games..."

Thanks for ending the discussion on this.


At 10:40 PM 6/22/98 +0100, Jeff Williams wrote:
>Mark and all,
>Mark Prior wrote:
>>      Telstra Corporation Limited TELSTRA-DOM
>>         C&G, Traeger Ct
>>         Fern Hill Technology Park
>>         Bruce
>>         ACT, 2617
>>         AU
>>         Domain Name: TELSTRA.NET
>>         Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
>>            Huston, Geoff  GH105  gih&#167;TELSTRA.NET
>>            +61 2 6208 1908 (FAX) +61 6 248 6165 (FAX) +61 2 6248 6165
>>         Billing Contact:
>>            Huston, Geoff  GH105  gih&#167;TELSTRA.NET
>>            +61 2 6208 1908 (FAX) +61 6 248 6165 (FAX) +61 2 6248 6165
>>         Record last updated on 01-Oct-97.
>>         Record created on 01-Jun-95.
>>         Database last updated on 22-Jun-98 03:52:44 EDT.
>>         Domain servers in listed order:
>>         NS.TELSTRA.NET     
>>         TECKLA.APNIC.NET   
>>         NS1.TELSTRA.NET    
>>      We found this rather interesting in that Telstra does not seem to be
>>      headquartered
>>      in Australia or their DNS service isn't at any rate (Draw your own
>>      We are not supprised however.  In Geoff Huston has played these
little bait and
>>      switch games in the US as well with far less success I might add.
Hence his
>>      move to Australia I imagine (Again, Draw your own conclusions).
>>        Geoff, we are watching you VERY closely, so you can run, but you
can't hide!
>> What drugs are you on exactly?
>> Perhaps consultation of ISO 3166 would enlighten you as to which
>> country uses the "AU" two letter country code. Drawing any conclusion
>> as to the location of an organisation from their domain name is
>> foolhardy to say the least.
>  Mark, do you have a reading dificiency.   C&G, Traeger Ct Fern Hill
Technology Park
>is not in Australia last time I checked.  Oh sure the contact number is in
>So what?
>> The quality of your posting certainly allows us to easily draw our own
>> conclusions as to your credibility.
>  Yes and we can allsee now that you reading ability is severly impaired.
>> Mark.
> Regards,
>Jeffrey A. Williams
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>Information Network Eng. Group. INEG. INC.
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