Re: DNS: Intresting Info for refrence possibly?

Re: DNS: Intresting Info for refrence possibly?

From: Scott Howard <scott§>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 16:32:00 +1000
On Mon, Jun 22, 1998 at 07:59:58PM +0100, Jeff Williams wrote:
> We found this rather interesting in that Telstra does not seem to be
> headquartered
> in Australia or their DNS service isn't at any rate (Draw your own conclusions).

There's only one conclusion which can be drawn from this : They obviously
have much better drugs available in the US than they do in Australia.

> We are not supprised however.  In Geoff Huston has played these little bait and
> switch games in the US as well with far less success I might add.  Hence his
> move to Australia I imagine (Again, Draw your own conclusions).

Geoff's "move to Australia" ?? Damn they must be some good drugs...

>   Geoff, we are watching you VERY closely, so you can run, but you can't hide!

Umm.. yeah..

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