DNS: Re: Whois for AU

DNS: Re: Whois for AU

From: Jeff Williams <jwkckid1§ix.netcom.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 23:55:06 +0100
Adam and all,

Adam Todd wrote:

> >> http://www.aunic.net/cgi-bin/whois.aunic
> >
> >  Intresting, there is a not fould on .Telstra.net "No entries found for the
> >selected source(s)." Form this Whois function and database.
> Remember that the AUNIC whois only services information for COM.AU and GOV.AU

  Yes I am aware of that.  But this should and seems to need a change.  That is
issue however.

> It does not serve information for NET.AU which can be found at
> whois.connect.com.au.

  Yes I found that several weeks ago.  This is a departure form how the
structure should work however.

> It's very complex here.
> TELSTRA.NET is an INTERNIC registration and will be found only on the
> INTERNIC whois.
> IP addresses are worse.  Some are found in AUNIC, others in APNIC.

  This would depend on where those IP addresses were requested from.  Nothing
really strange or out of line here though.  This is a problem that started about
two years ago with the IANA and its delegation decisions.  It has not worked
well as we all know.  In fact it has not served the areas of the globe as it
was supposed to do to the extent it should and still could do.  Much of this
is also due to a hoarding of IP blocks by large telco's that are not currently
not used
and are supposed to be returned to the Pool.

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