Re: DNS: Re: Whois for AU

Re: DNS: Re: Whois for AU

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 19:24:36 +1000
>> It does not serve information for NET.AU which can be found at
>  Yes I found that several weeks ago.  This is a departure form how the
>structure should work however.

OH I GET IT!  Gosh took a while to sink in!

Whois comes preconfigured to use the INTERNIC Whois server.

I always wondered why COM.AU sites didn't show up :)

>> TELSTRA.NET is an INTERNIC registration and will be found only on the
>> INTERNIC whois.
>> IP addresses are worse.  Some are found in AUNIC, others in APNIC.
>  This would depend on where those IP addresses were requested from.  Nothing
>really strange or out of line here though.  This is a problem that started 

Except that whois to find an address again.

And a clear message from InterNIC that you should look elsewhere.

Hmm, maybe it's time for ALTERNATE WHOIS!

One that has all the data!

I'll announce the URL and Server next week!
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