Re: [DNS] AP-IFWP Annoucement (Aug 3)

Re: [DNS] AP-IFWP Annoucement (Aug 3)

From: George Michaelson <ggm§>
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 13:16:53 +1000
Well its obviously vital that Robert Elz attends. 
Remember: this is about .AU governance set against all other CC-TLD, and
the non-CC TLD, and IANA. Its not about stuffups imagined or real in
or about the ADNA debacle. Its about governance at the next level up. Since
right now, our local governance is a single person, we need them there.

And if NOIE and Robert are in the same meeting, then perhaps we can hope there
will be some movement on how both parties believe we should proceed with a
transfer to a more appropriate vesting of .AU delegation. My personal take is
that NOIE needs to be proactive in facilitating meetings, and Robert needs to
be quite explicit on what kinds of goals and values he wants a vested body
to reflect.

But we maybe need to stop pretending this all has to be fixed this week. It
might not be a bad idea to give ourselves a LOT longer to get it right. 

Years even.

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