Re: [DNS] AU Working Group

Re: [DNS] AU Working Group

From: Narelle Clark <narelle_clark§>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 12:20:32 +1100
David Keegel wrote:

> ] Sandra Davey wrote:
> ]
> ] > Yes, the time has been extended. A new version of the Constitution will be
> ] > online no later than Monday. I'll be posting to this list and to our
> ] > announcements list, a URL...
> ]
> ] Which would be appreciated, since all the URLs at
> ] seem to have broken.  Arrrgh!
> I'm assuming it would be added to
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None of the stuff has been added to that NOIE had.
That would be inappropriate anyway, since NOIE is a govt body and
has a mind of its own. it should be publishing its statements not
relying on another to do so.

Mind you the new (NOIE) website is close to unreadable anyway...

and what there is at is plain extraordinary!!

Just check your relevant fee group people - you might find a
surprise there!

I think it extremely interesting that the timeframes as stated are
even tighter than the rough draft I posted to this list! A draft
timeline that even I thought was aggressive - and I've turned up
national networks in a matter of weeks. I think this timeline
is overly aggressive and demonstrates a poor grasp of what needs
to be done.

It is important that new methods be reflected via *infrastructure*
and infrastructure must conform to appropriate standards of
housing, care, maintenance and connectivity. Anything else is just

And quite frankly, I am still waiting for someone to explain in
*convincing*, *rational* terms what exactly is broken in the
current systems. Particularly that which deems it necessary to move
with lightning speed to a new system.


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