Re: [DNS] AU Working Group

Re: [DNS] AU Working Group

From: Sandra Davey <sldavey§>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 23:12:30 +1100
Dear Narelle,

>Mind you the new (NOIE) website is close to unreadable anyway...

>and what there is at is plain extraordinary!!

It would be useful if you added some extra words here to assist me in
ascertaining what is 'extraordinary'? The working group has attempted to
publish everything it has worked on thus far.

>Just check your relevant fee group people - you might find a
>surprise there!

I'm not sure what you mean by this? If you mean membership fees (and
classes for that matter), this is an issue the working group is definitely
finding difficult. The new version of the Constitution coming this weekend,
will be pointing interested people to the sections within the Constitution
that we would really appreciate thoughts and input on. Membership is
certainly one area.

>I think it extremely interesting that the timeframes as stated are
>even tighter than the rough draft I posted to this list! A draft
>timeline that even I thought was aggressive - and I've turned up
>national networks in a matter of weeks. I think this timeline
>is overly aggressive and demonstrates a poor grasp of what needs
>to be done.

This timeline has been set by NOIE. 

>And quite frankly, I am still waiting for someone to explain in
>*convincing*, *rational* terms what exactly is broken in the
>current systems. Particularly that which deems it necessary to move
>with lightning speed to a new system.

My professional understanding is that the domain name system in Australia
requires fulltime effort. The work of the current people involved to date,
has been outstanding, but with the increase in traffic, usage, etc etc etc,
we need a more fulltime, stable and perhaps consistent system.

My personal feeling is that the domain name system needs an overhaul,
particularly in some 2LD's.

Sandra Davey

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