[DNS] Was this spam sanctioned by the DNS working group ?

[DNS] Was this spam sanctioned by the DNS working group ?

From: Stephen Baxter <steve§senet.com.au>
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 08:14:24 +1030 (CST)
Stephen Baxter             SE Network Access/Big Networks Australia
phone : +61 8 8221 5221    222 Grote Street 
fax   : +61 8 8221 5220    Adelaide 5000, Australia

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Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 03:37:23 +1100
From: larry.bloch&#167;netregistry.au.com

Dear Stephen

As the owner of a .au domain name you will no doubt know that your domain name is subject to annual renewal fees.

You may also be aware that the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) has convened the .au Working Group to oversee the transition of the .au namespace management to a non-aligned, self-regulating body. This will have an impact on your future renewal fees and the domain name system in Australia.

As an active member of the Working Group and a leading Australian supplier of domain registration services to companies and individuals like yourself, NetRegistry regards our participation in this process as a voice for efficient, cost-effective, not-for-profit management of the .au namespace.

We believe domain registration in Australia should be accountable to applicants, transparent, and be subject to healthy competition. This has not been the case so far.

To ensure that these principles and preference are reflected in the future, any new body must be supported by the widest possible cross-section of the Australian Internet community.

To this end I would like to ask you to visit the website http://www.tell-us-what-you-want.au.com and complete the brief questionnaire. The results of this survey will be emailed to you on request, and will also form the basis of our representations to the .au Working Group and any future Regulatory Body.

Larry Bloch                   
Chief Executive Officer       
NetRegistry Pty Limited       
email:  larry&#167;netregistry.au.com
Office: +61-(0)2-9699 6099
Fax:    +61-(0)2-9699 6088
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