[DNS] [Oz-ISP] http://censorship.avs.net.au/ - EXCELLANT START

[DNS] [Oz-ISP] http://censorship.avs.net.au/ - EXCELLANT START

From: AccessOz <ask§accessoz.com>
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 20:56:45 +0800
Hi All,

Nigel has done a GREAT JOB on this site. It is constantly evolving and
needs your support and that of your users and / or clients. I know my
clients will be emailed in the next 24 hours with a message to come and
have a look and show their support.

Please visit the new web site which will be http://censorship.avs.net.au/

And please add to the Bulletin Board, sign the petition and guestbook. 

Emailed contributions etc can bve made to :- censorship&#167;avs.net.au

Cheers, BK.

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