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[DNS] auda

From: Michael Malone <mmalone§creole.iinet.net.au>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 21:19:57 +0800
Many of you may already heard the outcome of the April 19
meeting from other sources, but here it is for those who
haven't.  Greg Watson (the acting secretary) will table
formal minutes sometime in the very near future.

The meeting was opened by Dr Paul Twomey of National Office
for the Information Economy (NOIE).  There ended up being
about 80 people at the meeting, with over 100 membership
applications coming in just before the start of the
meeting (5:30PM).  As a result it ran on for far longer than

The administrivia of changing the name from ADNA to
AUDA and accepting the new constitution, membership fees,
and members all proceeded as expected.

Erica Robers (also of NOIE) was the returning officer for
the election of the Interim board.  Counters were provided
by NOIE and Melbourne IT, with Peter Coroneas and Steve
Baxter acting as scrutineers (hope I haven't missed anyone
there).  The results ended up being:

Directors elected by Supply Class Members (3): 
    Larry Bloch, NetRegistry 
    Chris Chaundy, connect.com.au 
    Michael Malone, iiNet 

Directors elected by Demand Class Members (3): 
    Vic Cinc, CIA/IIA
    Chris Connolly, FSCPC 
    Kim Davies 

Directors elected by Representative Association Class Members (3): 
    Kimberley Heitman, EFA 
    Iain Morrison, AVCC 
    Greg Watson, ISOC-AU 

Directors elected by all Members together (2): 
    Mark Hughes, Tradegate ECA 
    David Thompson 

The board met directly after the meeting for the first
time.  However, since there were only 6 of the 11 elected
board members present, it was decided to try and get
everyone together for a full board meeting as soon as
possible and get the ball really rolling.  In the meantime,
some "acting" positions were assigned: me as Chairman,
Mark Hughes as Treasurer, and Greg Watson as Secretary.

The first real board meeting is scheduled for this Monday
in Sydney.  I believe that everyone on the board will be
attending in some fashion, except for David Hughes who is
unavailable.  NOIE will be sending an observer to the
meeting to represent the government (Chris Cheah).

Most of the items from the 19th were deferred to this
meeting, so the agenda will probably include at least
the following:
    1.Election of Chair


    3.Optional appointment of up to 2 additional directors.

    4.Election of other Office Holders

    5.Appointment of Company Solicitors 

    6.Establishment of Process for selection of CEO 

    7.Establishment of auDA Policy Advisory Committees 

    8.Setting of Operational Budget including 
         a.Membership Fees 
         b.Levies on 2LD Registries 

    9.Timetable for Board Meetings and first AGM 

   10.Any Other Business 

   11.Next meeting 

AUDA doesn't really have any powers at all at this point
in time, and it will require the support of government
and the existing registries to determine whether or not
it ever gets any authority.  However, if anyone has any
issues that they would like raised under the "Any Other
Business", please feel free to email me directly and
I'll see that they are raised.

I would have posted sooner, but have been unfortunately
rather tied up with other pressing matters, in the form of
the government's misguided plan to regulate the 'net as
though it were TV.  See


for more information.

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