Re: [DNS] geographic 3rd level domains for (fwd)

Re: [DNS] geographic 3rd level domains for (fwd)

From: Chris Chaundy <chris§>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 13:44:24 +1000
At 11:48 AM +0930 7/7/99, Stephen Baxter wrote:
>What about
>etc etc
>for state based legal entities

Well the US model here this that these types of domains be used (by their
post office) for the equivalent of snail-mail addresses for individuals.
This crosses over the function of to some extent, except that it has
a strong geographical component.  I'm not sure how much this has been
developed though.

On the <state> suggestion, this sounds good so long as the policy
restricts organisations to one of <company> or <company>.<state>,
otherwise you'll get the usual 'grab all' approach (this certainly happens at
the international level).

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