Re: [DNS] geographic 3rd level domains for (fwd)

Re: [DNS] geographic 3rd level domains for (fwd)

From: John Allan <tech§>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999 13:47:42 +1000
Hi All,

I dont normally actively watch/post to this list - but anyway...

The Tasmanian Internet Association resolved to support any move for state 
based 2nd and 3rd level domains.

In particular, or etc.

We reasoned that these regionalised domains *should* be administered by a 
group who is not there for profit, and pricing of these should reflect the 
actual cost of the service, not an arbitrary inflated cost.

We also proposed that the 2nd level domains under the AU-TLD are preferable 
to the 3rd level domains.  The 2nd level domains could either be similar to 
namespace, such as in Germany where there is no necessity for any domain to 
be a subheirachy - or, .com, .net, .edu, .org, .asn, etc heirachies could 
all be incorporated.

Due to other issues consuming our time, we never had the time to press the 
above to "those who count" or "those who care".



Johnathan (John) Allan
Executive - Tasmanian Internet Association
Currently working for:
- Tasmania's Access Server Pty. Ltd.
- Department of Education (Tasmania)
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At 11:48 07/07/99 +0930, Stephen Baxter wrote:

>What about
>etc etc
>for state based legal entities
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