Re: [DNS] domain names

Re: [DNS] domain names

From: Stephen Baxter <steve§>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 16:17:28 +0930 (CST)
>          CONCLUSION- The australian web should be set up as a virtual
> Australia with virtual states and virtual roads. If I want to find
> something in my local area then I want to be able to find it easily not
> spend hours searching through rubbish. That is why people use domain
> names to do their searches because it cuts out all the rubbish quickly.
> Put rules on the number of domain names you can own. Don't allow people
> the ability to link domain names to one location perhaps. The only
> reason their is such a fuss about generic domain names is that (1) you
> can have them in the states (2) some are getting away with it while
> others cant. Leave domain names up to market forces but put in rules
> reduce as much as possible large business domination and finally keep it
> within Australia

I have to sort of agree there with what was said. 

What I can never believe is that a domain name is a mapping that can be
used very easily to find anything sensible using ordinary logic ! If,
under some perfect world I was to get the domain name 

(am I the Internet IIA or the Institute of Internal Auditors),

what does that mean? The DNS should not be looked at as a way to help
users find their around the Internet but as a way to turn       into something easy to remember - catchy even.

This then means that it becomes a valid marketing tool. As such it should
be under the same rules for business as is getting a business name - you
can have it if nobody else does ! 

In real life if you go and register
then you have probably invited yourself a whole heap of legal trouble. 
This is not an allocation issue - why should the delegation authority care
if you are "allowed" use that name as a trading name or whatever !

After doing the DNS forum thing and then ADNA one thing occured to me and
that is that those who argue the most against change (more TLDs or chaos
as they call it) under the au namespace are the ones who have the rights
to sell in that space already or already have secured what they believe to
be "sexy" domain names.

Open it up and be done with it !

Hell - the government auctions spectrum - why can't get auctioned
and the funds be put to runing australian registries, root nameservers and
other such things. Lets create ten hierachies with yearly lease fees that
could include


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