Re: [DNS] Give Austalian Business a go

Re: [DNS] Give Austalian Business a go

From: Malcolm Caldwell <malcolm§>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 11:14:21 +0930
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> I see this problem frequently with customers.  E.G. Their business name
> is mostly generic - generic words in not allowed; already taken
> in .com|.net; .org not appropriate; acronyms all taken; concatenation
> unwieldy. I have had to suggest customers register their domain name
> in Tonga ... (didn't go down well with the customer either).

I still don't really understand this generic domain name stuff.

I look around me and I do not see shops called book, furniture, cattle,

Why the hell should companies be allowed (or think it is a good idea) to own a
generic domain name?  The only argument is "but others have done so
[here-in-the-past|elsewhere".  That does not make it right or a good idea.

If your only premise for your business is that "people will stumble over me us
typing random urls" then you don't have much of a business case

Also, as I said before.  People (read me) do not go to overseas web sites just
because they are too lazy to find a local alternative.  I would love to be
able to buy the books I want from my local book store - but not at double the
price AND waiting longer than getting it from (yes - amazon is slow
but it takes longer to order out of stock books through a conventional store).

If you are in the business of selling widgets, get a nice snazzy name and sell
widgets.  If you want to let people know that you sell widgets over the
Internet - tell them as you would tell people that you had a new store at
shopping centre xyz.  Don't rely on the DNS as some kind of advertising space.

Perhaps there is no good way to tell people that there is a new online widget
store.  So set up an online ezine or what ever and sell off advertising.
Again, don't rely on the DNS as some kind of advertising space.

I promise you this.  When I need a widget, if you have told me in the past
that you sell widgets online AND your price is competitive with the well known
US widget sellers I will buy from you.  (Oh it also has to be competivie with
my local stores)

All this talk of generic names convinces me is we need some good Australian
directories.  And in my books a good directory is not driven by who pays the

Also, if there needs to be an organisation that promotes Australian ecommerce
then from one - or perhaps approach someone like the "Buy Australian" mob.

If I have missed the point - please let me know.

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