Re: [DNS] Whats the rush?

Re: [DNS] Whats the rush?

From: David Keegel <djk§>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 13:51:57 +1000 (EST)
] Here is the last of my daily whinges:
] 	What is the rush to make immensely large changes in the nature of .AU
] 	right now? Where is the pressure? Where is the need? Where is the
] 	analysis of costs, and benefits, and risks? I see a lot of interested
] 	parties pushing, and I see a lot of fringe-dwellers, but I don't see
] 	either structure or process in the proposals. And I see little or no
] 	substantive proof of needs.
] Please, can we stop pushing the timeline to make radical changes in .AU before
] we have anything like a viable, stable process bedded in to manage things.

I strongly agree with George.

The biggest pressure I can see for this year is that at least one
monopoly commercial DNA will likely be requesting/demanding in a
few months time, that registrants pay significant amounts of money
just to continue holding their domains.

(Apologies if I've missed something important in the last 2-3 months.)

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