Re: [DNS] Tradmarks and Domain Names

Re: [DNS] Tradmarks and Domain Names

From: Geoff Huston <gih§>
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 14:11:40 +1000
Time for these folk to ring up a lawyer. Free advice is worth about as much 
as you
pay for it.


What was that quote? Was it "Better get a lawyer son. Better get a good 
one."  ?

At 01:32 PM 8/4/99 +1000, AUSCITY wrote:
>Anyone care to express a considered opinion on this scenario? Or perhaps you
>know of a similar case (with oucome)  you care to share.
>Big company 'W-Dog Pty Ltd' trademarks its name, 'W-Dog'.  They register a
>domain name of and
>On the other side of Australia, a new small business is established and
>calls itself (Reg Business Name) . registers the
>domain This business had not seen the W-Dog product because
>it was not publically available or in the marketplace. However it turns out
>that both organisations have much the same idea.
>Big company 'W-Dog' cries foul play and threatens legal action against
> for breach of trademark.
> has had its product in the market place for many months. Even
>though W-Dog registered its trademark before was established,
>W-Dog still does not have its product in the market place nor will they
>provide proof of its existance. However their trademark details are written
>so generalised that it could pretty well tie up the whole industry. There is
>still no publically available information on its specific product.
>Apparently, W-Dog says its all very confidential. Plus the domain name of
> is still available. They have not registered it!
>QUESTION: Should be prevented from using the domain
>? Reason being breach of trademark.
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