RE: [DNS] US "outlaws" cybersquatting

RE: [DNS] US "outlaws" cybersquatting

From: Mark Hughes <effectivebusiness§>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 11:18:09 +1000
> I am no expert on US procedures but I am pretty sure
> that before that bill can become law, it must also be
> approved by Congress and the Whitehouse (ie the President)

According to the news article, it has been approved by half the
Congress (the Senate) and now will need approval from the other half
(House of Representatives) and then signing by Bill C.

> (I guess there is a good chance the whitehouse will support
> it given that is a porn site!)

I haven't read the legislation in detail, but if we assume that the
newspaper reports are correct (risky, I know), then the bill will not
affect sites like that run a real business.  It
will affect those who register a domain name with no intention of
using it, except for the purpose of selling it to an entity that is
currently using that name for some other purpose, such as a trademark,
and would like to own the matching domain name.

Regards, Mark

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