RE: [DNS] FW: [ Oz-ISP ]'s ... again

RE: [DNS] FW: [ Oz-ISP ]'s ... again

From: WestNet Domains <domains§>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 11:51:48 +0800

It would be nice if someone else could pick this up.
Is it something to consider for auDA to start with?

If too much work is required, then perhaps a fee as suggested.

I currently have 2 domains pending for clients.
Both 1-3 months pending.


Ty Johnson
WestNet Pty Ltd
1300 786 068

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fyi ... 

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oh the joys of

i've got one that's been waiting for 2 months.  it's made it to "pending",
but that's it.

no reply from robert elz.  as far as i can tell he doesn't exist any more
(as demonstrated by no reply to my email "please reply if you exist").

now a client's computer consultant has complained to the tio saying that
we're taking too long (don't get me started on the tio - or on computer
consultants).  the same consultant also thinks the internet in australia is
set up and managed by the australian government.

this particular client is happy to pay for a domain if it means it
actually gets processed.  they now have a even though they are an

i'm sick of this.. as i'm sure the rest of you are.  how do we get the ball
rolling on a change of procedures?  no disrespect to mr elz - he's
obviously too busy to process requests - but we need to get someone who can
actually do things and follow the correct procedures.

i'm aware that generally if there's a problem with a registration mr elz
won't reply.. however procedure states ..

:You will be notified by email of the outcome of the administrator's
:review of this request, and, if approved, your entry will be added to the
:registry database. Otherwise you will be notified of any issues the
:domain administrator wishes to raise in considering your request.

if there's something wrong with my request, i should be notified.  i expect
at the very least some reply to my emails other than, from what i can tell,
my emails being redirected to /dev/null.

from what i can tell, the way to change the administrator for the
domains is to contact the current administrator.  tricky.

i'm sure we'll be able to find someone else on this list who can process's... even if it means there's a fee for processing them.

-- byron jones ----------------------
   systems administrator
   vianet australia

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