RE: [DNS] Final? Spring Clean (Reform) cont...

RE: [DNS] Final? Spring Clean (Reform) cont...

From: Mark Hughes <effectivebusiness§>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 11:08:59 +1000
> >As has already been
> >said in previous postings, there are all sorts of educational
> >entities, from those offering Microsoft Certification courses, to
> >those offering Driving Courses.  Do they all get into  If
> >not, what is the criteria?
> Yes, sigh... they all should be able to get an domain...

> There should be no criteria.


>If someone thinks they offer an educational
> product, service or related activity then
> they should get it. It is as simple
> as that. A small fee and Bob's your uncle.....

In which case is just another general 2LD which any entity can
get a domain name.  I'm not sure in that case I see a reason for
having at all.  Although I'm not sure I can see a reason
against having as a general 2LD that admits anyone, either.
I'm personally in favour of creating a whole lot more general 2LDs in
.au which have no criteria for entry.  If the community thinks
should be just one of these, fine by me.

There are two critical questions to be resolved:

1. Should there be criteria restricting entry to
2. If yes, what should that criteria be?

But its a complete waste of energy trying to resolve 2 if 1 hasn't
been completely nailed down.

> The whole point is I personally don't want one
> person having to decide. It gets objective and very messy
> and in turn very unfair.

I think that is the wrong way around.  If the criteria are objective,
then they can easily be applied fairly to all applicants (whether the
criteria are right or wrong is a separate issue).  If the criteria are
subjective, that's when applicants are treated unfairly.

Regards, Mark

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