[DNS] Oh dear... Spring Clean (Reform) cont...

[DNS] Oh dear... Spring Clean (Reform) cont...

From: Matthew King <mking§cinfo.com.au>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 11:37:32 +1000
Some people just don't get it do they....

>Can I get sex.edu.au for performing certain educational activities?
>I think it would be an excellent name for a porn site.

By this logic yes, you could get this domain name.  A  sex education group
would probably want  it as well by the way. But who am I to throw stones...

>Why is your client so keen to get an edu.au domain? What advantages do
>they perceive in being a holder of edu.au (conversely, what disadvantage
>do they perceive if their domain name ended in .com or anything else)?
>Now to put the point on the stick: you advocate open slather for edu.au;
>surely this will remove any perceived advantages in being part of that

It is not about advantage. It is about what they percieve themselves to be.
They are academics, they teach, They promote education, thus logically they
should be able to get a domain that reflects this. I heard them debate
this. It was clear, logical and concise. I fear my words do not do their
reasoning any justice, however their case is compelling

>It appears they feel they've been cast out from the exclusive edu.au club.
>When you open the club so anybody can join, how attractive will membership

Ah... do you read Dilbert by any chance? Or remember Dr Evil.. "You just
don't get it."  These people have more educational clout that some of the
Smaller Rural Universities (i.e. the good old TAFE's)...

Check out the list of where the Editors and editorial Board Members are from

Lecturer, Trinity Theological College, Formerly Head, Department of
Education, Sydney Teachers' College, N.S.W., Australia, Professor of
Education, Murdoch University, W.A., Australia., Projects Officer,
Stapleford House Education Centre, Nottingham, England., Master,
NewCollege, The University of New South Wales, Sydney., Honorary Senior
Fellow, Edith Cowan University, W.A., Distinguished Professor Emeritus of
Sociology, University of Waterloo, Canada., Director, Translations and Text
Division, Bible Society in Australia, Canberra., Emeritus Professor of
Education, University of New South Wales., Headmaster, Barker College,
Sydney., Senior Education Officer, Open Training & Education Network, NSW
TAFE Commission, Sydney., Deputy Director(Education), Directorate of
Education, Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, Organisation for Economic
Co-operation and Development, Paris., Professor of Education, University of
Calgary, Canada. N.L. WIGNEY, M.A., B.Ed., M.A.C.E., Languages Coordinator
Emeritus, Barker College, Sydney, N.S.W., General Secretary, Association of
Christian Teachers, England.

It's not like they need legitimacy, they  have it in spades already. But
this is not the point . Who are you (or me for that matter) to say what is
an educational body. Is it the giving of degree's, or early child
education, remedial english, painting, a second language, scuba diving or
Microsoft weirdness?

The world today is complex and rich with diversity. Little hermatically
sealed boxes are but a pipe dream in this new world of ours.

If I owned a fly fishing school I would believe I had as much right to an
edu.au domain as Sydney University or the Australian Science Teachers
Association. It is as simple as that.

Matthew King
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