Re: [DNS] fairfax article

Re: [DNS] fairfax article

From: Tony Barry <tonyb§>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 18:05:31 +1000
At 09:48 AM +0200 27/10/99, auer&#167; wrote:
>The idea that you have to join a body or lose your right to complain about
>it an attitude that is quite indefensible, but seems to be gaining ground here
>and in similar forums - we hear it regularly from (and about) the IIA, for
>example. Would anyone say this about the One Nation party? About the Ku
>Klux Klan?

Political bodies are different. They are in competition and you may join
the one you support. The purpose of these bodies is to achieve by and large
objectives outside themselves and they compete to do so.

The IIA claims to be the only organisation which has a charter to represent
all Australian ISP's and, by and large, not a wider constituency. If you
accept that then you can join and work within to establish policies for it
that you support. If you do not accept it's claimed mandate the option is
there to try and establish a competing organisation or shift the ground of
an existing organisation to provide coverage.

Karl is right that anybody has every right to complain from the outside and
hope to influence those on the inside or those creating rival organisation.
But it is the latter that can have a direct effect not the former.


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