Re: [DNS] fairfax article

Re: [DNS] fairfax article

From: Matthew King <mking§>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 14:34:22 +1000
David, David, David....

Reservations no. None at all. auDA  has to be an order or two times better
than having the current system that Mr Elz has bestowed upon us.

God help us all when we have to deal with the expensive nightmare that is You can't have or but hey is fine cause they got in early.
Concision, hell no just the Yellow Pages index.

Waiting does not help at all either. Just what happens when the generic
names are opened? An auction may be the only way to do it,
perhaps? Or will there be a speculative virtual gold rush by the various
people with access to the database? (and a bit of cash in their pocket of
course) The longer it takes the worse it will be....

Now that auDA is a directly elected body the .au should be transferred as
soon as possible. It now has a mandate and a body of experience to deal
with a lot of interesting issues (issues that will appear). A copy of the
Yellow pages anyone?

Matthew King

>] We remember that this isn't the first time Melbourne IT
>] has made such demands, and recall with relief that Mr Elz
>] didn't assign .AU to ADNA when they were criticising him
>] in a similar fashion.
>I would be interested to hear whether people on this list
>would like to see .au transferred to auDA.  I know a number
>of people had reservations about ADNA, and would be interested
>to know if people have reservations about auDA too.
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