[DNS] KRE gives com.au to ADNA...?

[DNS] KRE gives com.au to ADNA...?

From: Paul Montgomery <monty§knapp.com.au>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 13:30:19 +1100
Found this fascinating little snippet buried in material released by
Melbourne IT for its upcoming ASX float:

> Competition has recently been introduced in the gTLD registration business
> and competition in the Australian domain name market is highly likely in the
> foreseeable future. The delegation over the com.au domain space was
> transferred to auDA (a non-profit organisation established with the aim of
> becoming the Internet industry self-regulatory body for administering the .au
> domain space) by Mr Robert Elz to auDA on 8 November 1999.
> The timing of the onset of competition into the com.au market is not clear. 
> However, the introduction of competition will require the separation of the
> registry and registrar functions and the accreditation of new registrars. 
> Neither is expected to occur before the second half of 2000.
> Melbourne IT is currently in negotiations with auDA with regard to a
> licensing agreement for the administration of the com.au domain space.

Has KRE really redelegated com.au, or perhaps all of .au, to auDA? How
many of the board know, and was there a meeting? Have auDA members been
informed of their new powers? There is nothing about this on auDA's
site, although that is not surprising given it is not usually up to date
(no offence intended). The statement regarding competition is also revealing.

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