[DNS] FW: [OzISP] Expired com.au names

[DNS] FW: [OzISP] Expired com.au names

From: Rowe, Joshua <Joshua.Rowe§auspost.com.au>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 17:15:23 +1100
fyi ...

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Subject: [Oz-ISP] Expired com.au names

Hi all,

I have written to INA about this but I'm still waiting for a reply so maybe
someone on the list knows. I have a client who is after a com.au domain
name which shows up in the name status report as being valid, but shows up
in the expiry database as having expired early this month? Does anyone know
how long is it after the domain name expires and remains unpaid does the
domain name become available? 


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