RE: [DNS] ABC: Australia supports global cyber-squatting regulations

RE: [DNS] ABC: Australia supports global cyber-squatting regulations

From: Daniel Hicks <ceo§>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 11:22:00 +1000
Have a look at


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  People want to be able to have


  and emu, cows, bunnies and whatever else is under does not seem all
  that relevant to me.

Gateway find cows works well for them as a branding. So do tucows. Playboy
never found the bunny image a problem. But lets assume you're right, and
this current is failing because people don't like the animals and
not because so few ISP's support, or the mechanisms to make mail
delivery work are charged for too highly, or any of 100 other reasons uptake
may be slight [and I could also suggest that vanity domain names have less
value than people think]

Fine. Find a neutral non-value laden namepoint (actually a large set of

Implement a method for managing John.Smith&#167;smiths.something-relevant
which scales for 1000+ John Smiths. If it involves auctioning off
the nicer ones to rich people, you fail. If it involves one John Smith
running it for all other smiths, you fail. If it excludes any John Smith
who is an Australian citizen, you fail. If it excludes visiting overseas
John Smiths, you fail.

Explain how people know that the John.Smith&#167;something-relevant is the
one they want, from 1000 others. In your answer explain how the DNS
is going to provide the searching function, and the referall and chained
query functions required for this (C/F X.500)

Explain how this is going to be deployed under state competitive and
federal guidelines. Who sets the charges. Who determines which names
are acceptable. Who proves authorititive content. Explain how the competing
interests adjudicate an outcome for the wider community. Explain how it
helps locate people who ARE NOT UNDER smith.something.relevant, but are
useful, online, and being sought in this supposedly global directory

  I do not know the answer with respect to but do you honestly think
  that a TLD space that you share with furry creatures is suitable ?

Given user&#167;, I can't see whats objectionable about
(a flower) or (an animal) so please, whats the issue here?
that the animal and plant is under makes it 'less worthy' ? Oh please.

  > I'm waiting...

  At least Vic has the get-go to challenge this technocrat heavy list -
  well done Vic.

Vic isn't challenging a 'technocrat heavy list' - Vic is technologically

My mother had a few wise sayings, in between her habit of whistling Mozart
loudly in the kitchen and drinking beer. Here is one of them:

	"Want" shall be your master.

People don't always get what they want. Frankly, judging by the traffic on
this list, We won't even get what we deserve.


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