RE: cybersquatting Elz

RE: cybersquatting Elz

From: James Spenceley <jamess§>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 19:36:50 +1100
>I am sorry but enough is enough. Basically he writes to auDA stating
>that he is granting them authority over "certain" aspects of the
>namespace after clearly stating it is still his and shall remain

>I hereby now delegate to you full authority to manage the
>namespace, which is a subset of the .au namespace (the "Domain").
>Your authority includes but is not limited to the authority to:....."

Isn't the following quote (from the auda website) ....

"Welcome to the website of .au Domain Administration, or auDA The
organisation was formed in April 1999 with a goal to ... "

coupled with the gif at the top of the page

".au domain administration "

Just a tiny bit misleading, considering Kre has not and doesn't look like
delegating control of .au ?

I'll also note, from the document "Expressions of Interest for hosting of
AUNIC services" located on the default page of

"The .au Domain Administration (auDA) is the industry self-regulatory body
for administering the .au namespace (Internet domains that end with .au). "

Which seems more than a little misleading.
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