Re: cybersquatting Elz

Re: cybersquatting Elz

From: Matthew King <mking§>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 11:47:21 +1100
Talking about cybersquatting have people read the letter from Robert 
Elz to auDA  to be found at

I am sorry but enough is enough. Basically he writes to auDA stating 
that he is granting them authority over "certain" aspects of the 
namespace after clearly stating it is still his and shall remain 


"The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has delegated to me 
the authority to manage the .au namespace.

I hereby now delegate to you full authority to manage the 
namespace, which is a subset of the .au namespace (the "Domain"). 
Your authority includes but is not limited to the authority to:....."


But it gets worse as he then states,


In the event that I am succeeded as the delegated authority for the 
.au namespace, my successor shall assume all the rights and 
obligations accruing to me under my arrangement with IANA and this 
arrangement with you.


His successor? Interesting terminology. Basically it seems he has no 
intention of letting go!

If Minister Alston wants to find an issue to follow r.e. reform then 
this is a good one. If any of his minions read this list please take 

Matthew King

P.s. Mr Elz if you read this I am not attacking your work in regards 
to the development of the Internet in Australia, just your policy as 
per the hand over of the au authority to an elected body. If there 
are issues or concerns about doing so could you please make them 
public so we can discuss them more openly.
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