[DNS] More: cybersquatting Elz

[DNS] More: cybersquatting Elz

From: Matthew King <mking§cinfo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 09:17:51 +1100
I am fully aware that this letter only granted authority over the 
com.au area of the .au namespace.  That is the whole point.

I also feel that the language does not seem neutral. Indeed I would 
go as far as saying from a legal perspective it is very strong in its 
indication of rights and duties. In the face of auDa's now extended 
existence I find it all the more compelling to suggest someone is 
dragging his feet. Why? Good question.

Also I firmly believe that Mr Elz's public stance on the matter seems 
to indicate that he is very keen to keep the .au under his hegemony.

Matthew King

>  > Quoting Matthew King:
>>  > I am sorry but enough is enough. Basically he writes to auDA stating
>>  > that he is granting them authority over "certain" aspects of the
>>  > namespace after clearly stating it is still his and shall remain
>>  > his...
>I fear you have misunderstood the letter. The letter delegates _com.au_
>to auDA, not _au_. kre has relinquished control over the com.au part of
>the namespace in the fullest possible way.
>The letter grants no authority over au whatsoever. kre will write another
>letter for that when it is appropriate.
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