Re: [DNS] counting cost of domain name row

Re: [DNS] counting cost of domain name row

From: Simon Hackett <simon§>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000 11:32:03 +0930
Yeah, it's happening alright. We're all well aware of it.

The inconsistency is what irks me about this - not an issue of 
whether dictionary words are ok or not, but the fact that it is 
demonstrated by just looking at the billboards in Sydney that any 
claim by INA to be enforcing this policy is just rubbish, but they 
still pretend to (and still reject lots of attempts to contravene it, 
while obviously managing to let some through).

If they got this 100% right and blocked all dictionary words, or just 
dropped the policy (with appropriate fanfare, and a resulting 
increase in their ASX share price), that'd be one thing, but the fact 
that the outcome varies (presumably based on who processes the 
application within INA on a given day) is just horrible for all 

I'm amazed INA take the risks that enforcing that policy creates. 
What happens if they get an application for <niceword> 
rejected, and two months later someone else gets it through - and 
then INA get sued by you for giving the keys to your website's 
business attraction model (the name) to someone else later? The risk 
in that outcome has to be huge (to INA).


>Regarding the dispute over the domain they mention in the article
>     "White said his client had registered the business name
>      in 1998 and the domain name in February 1999
>      with the intention of setting up an online auction site."
>Could someone tell me how a generic word such as "buy" got through INA's
>generic name policy. Actually while your at it the same applies for
>, and
>Previously I thought that these domains must have been registered before
>the name policy was in place, but if what the article states is true
>somehow INA is letting registrations through that are against their generic
>name policy.
>Does anyone know how this is happening ?
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