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Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 19:24:22 +1000
To prevent profit-making on domain names, transfers are not permitted.
Where a person wishes to discontinue the use of a domain name, that name is
to be released and made available generally.

As a courtesy, a person who lodges an "expressions of interest" in a domain
name may be advised that the domain name is about to be released.

The rule about transfers is quite clearly a nonsense and easily overcome as
INWW admits.  Let us say that a domain name is owned by a registered
company.  And that company has no other assets or liabilities.  Well then,
in the words of Victor Kiam, the Remington shaver man, "I liked the shaver
so much I just bought the company".  Neat trick.

And I can advertise the fact.  No rule is broken.  "Company for sale.
Assets include the valuable domain name NEATIDEA.COM.AU.  Bargain price only
$10,000."  Of course that pays for the registration cost of the shelf
company, say $950 the last time I checked.

Worse than that, though, is INWW's inability to understand the law.  Their
application of the rules treats a Business Name as a legal entity (which it
is not).  As you may know, a Business Name is registered by a person with
legal rights and obligations (natural person, company etc.).

But INWW allows the transfer of a domain name provided the same Business
Name is used.  So I just buy the Business Name which is easy as the Business
Name was probably set up to register the domain name in the first place.

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