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Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2000 02:25:25 +1000
Further to this....
I am in Melb.VIC.

The cost of registering domain names in Australia is quite high and the way
that the domain names are administered here I cant see a change happening

Through a service based in the UK I am able to buy a .com domain, chose to
have a webservice through it that allows me to divert the to
a chosen tilde account - ie. is actually located at
At no extra charge I have unlimited email diversions - i.e. user&#167;
or harry&#167; , etc ,etc.. all forwarded to domain§
I also get full webstats and GUI control of different aspects of the domain.
I can auction off my address and sell it at any time aswell - all service
inclusive and non-obligational.
Total yearly cost = AUD$60 !!!!! and.. even less if its a !!
Im not suggesting that this is the way to go for , but perhaps it
does give a different look at options that could be explored.



>Deus Ex Machina vicc&#167; wrote:
>>so only MIT are allowed to profit on domain names? that sounds fair. NOT!
>Too true in theory, Deus (Can I call you Deus?).  The actual rule states:
>4.2 Domain Name Licence Transfer
>The licence to use the domain name cannot be transferred or sold to
>another party.
>Rohan Levy rlevy&#167; wrote:
>>Why buy the company when only the business name is holder of value?
>>Register a business name GREAT IDEAS ($70), register the domain name
>>GREATIDEAS.COM.AU ($125) and sell the business - $1m .
>As Rohan says "Why buy the company?".  Of course, Rohan is quite right if
>you are the first to register then just use a business name ($114 in NSW)
>rather than a company (about $950).  I don't know what State Rohan's lives
>in but $70 is OK.
>But if I want to sell a domain name, I can't really do that as INWW won't
>accept a transfer from one person to another.  I have to terminate the name.
>Then the buyer applies for the name and pays a fresh registration fee.  The
>process is called "terminate and re-apply".
>The danger is that in between somebody else might get the domain.  There's
>no guarantee in what they carefully call an "expression of interest".
>But I am allowed to sell the BUSINESS (which includes the name).  This is a
>loophole as INWW will amend the registration details without cancelling.  No
>risk and I can charge what I like for the business.  Even Rohan's $1 million
>The reverse applies if I am BUYING a domain name.  If the existing owner has
>a company I buy the company;  if the existing owner has a business name, I
>buy the business name.  Either way INWW will do the transfer.
>However a "company" has quite a different legal status to a "business name"
>and INWW doesn't understand that you can buy one but not the other.
>I admit it's a bit of a subtle difference.
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