[DNS] Opinion

[DNS] Opinion

From: Kenneth Brownsmith <kb§kb.au.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 16:23:18 +1000
I signed up for this list server 5 months ago and I have learned a lot from
the opinion that has been expressed.

I decided that I should voice my opinion on how the .au namespace (and ALL
subs) should be handled.

The .au namespace needs reform.
Mr Elz, who is currently the admin, had done a fantastic job of managing and
building the .au namespace in the last 10 years.

But I think that now that there is a lot more demand for domain names, an
organisation should be established.
You are probably thinking that I have been living in the past as the
previous line is the team "motto" of auDa.

I (myself) don't believe auDA are fit to handle a resource such as the .au
That is my belief

I believe that a company or an organisation should NOT be used to handle the
.au namespace.

I believe that the following SHOULD be setup.
A group of around 20 people that are from different parts of any industry to
display their opinion for the public to vote on.
E.G:- If a new subdomain is to be included into the namespace, the group of
people will talk on why and why not this should be done then the proposition
is put to the public with the members opinions who will vote on the idea.
-The .au namespace "Belongs to the people" - I think that they should have
some say in how it works.

My second belief:
A website, seperate than aunic, should be setup to make it easier for the
"average" Australian to get a domain name. (I am not implying that we
abolish the aunic database)
>From information that I have gathered, the public don't like having to go to
INWW for a .com.au domain and Connect.com.au for a .net.au domain.
A single website should be established to handle the registration ALL of the
.au subdomains.

I would appreciate your comments on my beliefs as if given the chance, would
like to start/help setup a system like the one above for the good of
Australia and its people.

( People who say that they know what the public think are crazy.  The public
need to be asked.)   (One more of my beliefs)  :-)

Kenneth Brownsmith
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