Re: [DNS] Opinion

Re: [DNS] Opinion

From: Kenneth Brownsmith <kb§>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 21:29:30 +1000
I am answering the questions of David Keegel.

> ] I (myself) don't believe auDA are fit to handle a resource such as the
.au namespace.
> ] That is my belief

   > Why is that?
                 auDA is a non profit org.
                 Check their 1998-1999 Financial Report
(, I see the word PROFIT used a
few to many times.
                 They also are offering a position for a CEO which would
gain a large (very large) sallary. (

> ] A group of around 20 people that are from different parts of any
industry to
> ] display their opinion for the public to vote on.
> ] E.G:- If a new subdomain is to be included into the namespace, the group
> ] people will talk on why and why not this should be done then the
> ] is put to the public with the members opinions who will vote on the
> ] -The .au namespace "Belongs to the people" - I think that they should
> ] some say in how it works.
   >This is why auDA has created Panels, to get more of the public involved
   >in policy making, and for Panels to seek input from the wider community.
                 But they are only asking a selected part of the public.
                 My scheme would  give the WHOLE public a chance to have
their say.


I would appreciate your comments on my beliefs as if given the chance, would
like to start/help setup a system like the one above for the good of
Australia and its people.

Does anyone else believe that my scheme would make a difference to this
I ask you to speak up!  --  Maybe it can happen.
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